General Questions

The Water resistant parquet is not completely impervious to water so that if water is spilled on it it is not affected by the condition of wiping it directly. It can also be cleaned by wiping it with a damp towel and leaving it to dry and repeat the process if necessary, while waterproof parquet is not affected by water and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and places exposed to water
Yes, wood floors are safe for health and eco-friendly, The wood chips used in the manufacture of floors consist of about 90 percent of wood, which is a renewable and natural raw material, it is also environmentally friendly and provides many health and environmental benefits
No, it is not possible, most types of parquet are water resistant but not waterproof, (there are parquet types waterproof flooring) that can be cleaned using a wet towel, and there are cleaning materials and special care for wood and parquet floors For more details read Ways to care of wood flooring
Yes, but not all types of parquet are suitable for places exposed to water, as there are types of parquet is waterproof and suitable for use in the floors of bathrooms and kitchens For more details you can read the benefits of vinyl
Arch Deco is a branch of the company which specializes in home decoration and improvement. Our products range from indoor wood flooring, doors, sport flooring, vinyl, and wall paper, to outdoor solutions such as wooden decking, fences, and pergolas. We also have specialized teams for false ceilings, raised floors, and all gypsum solutions. We distinguish ourselves through our products, which are supplied from the most reputable manufacturers in Germany, Poland,Turkey, and China We have also focused our efforts into training professional installation teams in different fields, in order to compliment our top of the line products.

wood flooring – Questions?

Yes, there are many types of wood used in the manufacture of parquet, including: acacia, bamboo, walnut, oak ... and others
Building your own wood floorboards, size and arrangement of panels will greatly change the look of your room so there are many types and shapes to choose from, for example: 1. Single Plank - 2. Multi Strip - 3. Herringbone - 4. Chevron - 5. Stone / Tile
The technique (AC) was developed to measure the ability of parquet to withstand pressure such as the heavy movement on it and the pressure of loads and weights. There are three criteria, namely (AC3 - AC4 - AC5).
Yes, parquet can be installed over the ceramic without cracking, when the ceramic floors are at least (90%) level, because when installing the parquet the floor must be flat
Yes, Solid Wood Flooring is suitable for use with underfloor heating.